Prediction is difficult especially if its about the future
— Niels Bohr

The Space Intelligence Report is updated quarterly using inputs from Government procurement plans and announcements, commercial satellite operators, satellite manufacturers, and launch service providers.   This market forecast is the most comprehensive in the industry and is based on a proprietary market model that has evolved over the past 16 years.    The Space Intelligence Report has not been available publicly until 2016 and was previously available to select clients as customized confidential market forecasts where it has been used by top drawer aerospace companies and NewSpace new starts such as SpaceX, RocketLab, Skybox and PlanetLab. 

The methodology for developing the space industry forecasts has remained consistent throughout its history. The Forecast Team estimates projections of satellites to be built and launched over the next 10 years from global satellite operators, satellite manufacturers, and launch service providers. This includes a projection of these organizations’ plans as well as a broad, US Government-wide estimate of program spending on space missions. The Forecast Team, using this input, public sources (e.g., satellite operator and launch provider web sites), and the team’s own industry knowledge, develops the 5-8 year forecast. Other factors used in the forecast include publicly-announced satellite and launch contracts, replenishment missions, potential consolidation among companies and operators, commercial new starts and new launch vehicle capabilities.

Reports can be purchased in modules below in sizes that are affordable and specific to your needs.  Reports are downloaded from a link sent automatically by email to your inbox.  We also customize reports for clients upon request and offer discounts for purchasing multiple forecasts.  We can give you a quote if you contact us.  Download our complimentary Executive Summary today.