StratSpace has 50+ senior individuals with strong industry experience as engineers, executives and entrepreneurs in the space industry.  We offer engineering and management resources with a strong background in the design, manufacture and operation of satellite systems and launch vehicles.  Our current practice areas include:

  1. Engineering services: Space Systems Engineering, Mechanical design, Electrical Design, Software Development, Propulsion, Astrodynamics, Navigation and RF systems.
  2. Space Systems: Space Systems development ranging from system design to space system fabrication, integration and test.
  3. Management Consulting: We offer a range of services ranging from helping start-up companies, program reviews, operations reviews and executive coaching.
  4. Investor due diligence: We provide a range of diligence evaluations for the investor community and mergers and acquisitions.  We have a long and successful track record in performing diligence on many high profile acquisitions and new start companies.
  5. Expert witness: We offer expert witness services in most of our engineering and management practice areas with a track record of winning cases for our clients.
  6. Source selection support: StratSpace has staffed many of NASA's highest profile source selections over the past 15 years and offers services to the government and commercial community for your source selection needs large and small.
  7. Proposal development:  We offer support in the development of proposal strategies, competitive assessments and Black Hat activities, Red Team reviews and proposal staffing.