2017 StratSpace Intelligence Report: Satellite and Launch Market Projections

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StratSpace Report Cover.png

2017 StratSpace Intelligence Report: Satellite and Launch Market Projections

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The StratSpace Intelligence Report evaluates Spacecraft and Launch Vehicles from around the world. Our report is separated into two major Module segments:

  • S: Spacecraft Modules
  • LV: Launch Vehicle Modules

The markets are discussed within each respective area with focus on commercial opportunities. Those segments are:

  • NASA, NOAA and Education – Civil Markets
  • Department of Defense (DOD)
  • Commercial (globally)
  • International Noncommercial (Civil, Government and Defense) – new.

The Forecast Team estimates projections of satellites to be built and launched over the next 10 years from global satellite operators, satellite manufacturers, and launch service providers. This includes a projection of these organizations’ plans as well as a broad, US Government-wide estimate of program spending on missions. The Forecast Team, using this input, public sources (e.g., satellite operator and launch provider web sites), and the team’s own industry knowledge, develops the 5-8 year forecast. Other factors that were considered in developing the forecast include:

  • Publicly-announced satellite and launch contracts
  • Projected planned and replenishment missions
  • Potential consolidation among companies and operators
  • New launch vehicle capabilities
  • Hosted payload opportunities
  • Historical development success
  • Historical product/system fielding.

This report details the most recent estimations of launch vehicle and satellite cost, schedule for various sized programs. Proprietary models along with estimators’ industry experience are employed to determine variations of each system to provide insight into the basis of some of the market projections and insight into the important cost trends of new satellite and launch vehicle development.

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