Enabling roles with industry's most innovative companies

StratSpace was founded in 2000 as an engineering and business development consulting firm and has been a hidden force behind some of the highest profile comanies to come along in 30 years: SpaceX, Skybox Imaging, Planet Labs, Analytical Graphics, and Rocket Lab.  StratSpace has also worked with nearly all of the industry's top drawer companies to develop over 10 B$ in new business in the military and civil space sectors.  Today we offer more than 50 highly experienced industry veterans ready to add value to your efforts and perhaps help you become another one of our Most Innovative Companies !


Engineering the most innovative space missions

In our 15 years in business, we have been deeply involved in the development of numerous spacecraft missions providing systems engineering, program management and missions operations support including Cosmos-1, Lightsail 1 and 2, Iceye and the Osiris Rex mission to retrieve samples from an asteroid.  Our staff has also served on source selection panels for most of NASA's Explorer and planetary missions from Juno to Pluto.


Mentors to the industry's leaders

From high flying New Space companies to the large traditional aerospace concerns, StratSpace has served as trusted advisers to the industry leaders providing strategic advice, support for mergers and acquisitions, providing critical intelligence for must win competitions and key guidance on venture capital raises.


Space industry's most comprehensive business forecasts

Our Space Intelligence Report is based on our proprietary market forecast model that relies on a deep knowledge of future procurements, industry trends, realistic cost models to provide a comprehensive forecasting tool.  Whether you are developing a Strategic Plan, evaluating product development or starting a new space company, our data can be counted on for accuracy, completeness and at a level useful for your needs.


The only business development, competitive intelligence and venture capital development seminars

Since 2005, we have trained hundreds of industry professionals with our Secrets to Success business development seminar, Spacecraft Design 101 or Competitive Intelligence seminars.  We recently added Venture Capital Development to our roster of seminars to debut in 2016.